Spring Blooms Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Lifestyle Family Photographer

Spring Blooms Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Lifestyle Family Photographer


There’s something really special happening right now: spring blooms! They only last a couple weeks and I’m quickly realizing this might just be my favorite time of year to do a photo session. I’m kinda giddy about it!

I held my spring bloom sessions over the weekend (shout out to the storm that cleared just in time) and gosh, there probably isn’t a more beautiful way to remind us that warm weather is on the horizon.

The Hunt family was a complete joy to photograph in the blooms (total dream clients + dream setting = magic). They knew the secret to taking some really awesome photos: just let the kids be kids. You’ll see how much fun they all had! I enjoyed every second of playing and hanging out with this group. So excited for you to see!

Guess what! The blooms are still here for another week or two. If you want to book a session before they’re gone til next year, contact me ASAP!


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Spring Sunset Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Spring Sunset Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

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This session was a dream. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more beautiful sunset, or a sweeter family to photograph. Outdoor lifestyle sunset family sessions are what give me life as a photographer (without sounding too dramatic, haha). I am so inspired by rich, golden, dramatic light and this session filled me up creatively in so many ways. I compare the feeling to what a child might feel on Christmas morning. It’s the best!!

The session took place at one of my most favorite Milwaukee locations: the St. Francis Seminary in Bay View. I was so pleasantly surprised to see little greenish yellow buds starting to pop out of the tree branches. Hello, color! I’ve missed you for months! In fact, I figured out the last time I did a golden hour sunset like this was back in October. So as you can imagine, I was MORE than ready for a session like this one!

It was so much fun to chase around little O (be sure to look for his baby bow tie - I mean c’mon!!!). Whenever toddlers are involved in a photo session, I fully embrace the fact that they’ll kind of be running the show. As you’ll see in the photographs I’ve included, I captured countless real moments that define who this sweet family is during this season of their life. My favorite photographs are the ones when everyone kind of forgets I’m there and they just start doing their thing. To see what I mean, look for the moment when Emily is sitting under the tree with O (I don’t think there’s anything cuter). It was a joy to document those tiny, precious details for this family!

Thank you Emily, Adam, and O for choosing me to photograph you during this time in your life! Enjoy!

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Sunday Morning In-Home Family Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

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A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Jen and her family. After weighing our options for the location of the session (let’s be real - our options were “frigid cold” or “cozy and warm”), we opted to do the session inside Jen’s home! This was also an easy decision because [as you’ll see in the photographs] Jen’s house is gorgeous. Just knowing I’d get to work in such a beautiful space made me giddy with excitement to document this family!

When I arrived, her two little ones were filled with energy and enthusiasm. I’ve found that kids are usually experts at breaking the ice right from the start (one reason why I love photographing them!). It makes my job of capturing them “in their element” so effortless. Jen, Tim, and the kids spent a little over an hour happily running around the house with a few quiet moments sprinkled in throughout our time together as I photographed them on this Sunday morning.

I love a creative challenge, and this session really pushed me. I embraced the low directional light (it was a cloudy day) and went for a moody feel with the photos. In-home sessions allow for photographs to tell a truly authentic story about your family. When I look through these photographs, I can just feel how much Jen and Tim love those two little ones. Seeing them hold, rock, read with, and cuddle these babies is so heartwarming! My goal for every one of my photo sessions is to bottle up the love you have for your family. I love documenting your authentic love in a beautiful for you to treasure these moments in time forever.

If you’re considering an in home session, I would love to connect! When you’re done looking through this gallery, feel free to type a comment below and tell me what you think!

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6 Ways To Prepare For Your In-Home Newborn Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-30.jpg

An In-Home N

ewborn Session

Newborn sessions are typically scheduled sometime during the baby’s first month. The session takes place in the comfort of your own home. My goal is to beautifully document the first few weeks of you with your sweet baby. I facilitate with simple prompts throughout the entire session to help inspire authentic connections as the session unfolds.

I’m so inspired by the nurseries I have been so fortunate to photograph! I look forward to walking into a space and documenting all the love that was poured into every single detail. It’s an honor to capture new love in such special places.

If you are planning an in-home newborn session, here are 6 simple things you can do to prepare!

  1. Make sure your baby’s tummy is full just before I get there - a sleepy baby is what we want for the session.

  2. Open window shades. We want the photos to be light and bright!

  3. Tidy up any surfaces in the rooms we’ll be photographing you with your baby - you’ll most likely see everything in the background of your photos.

  4. Turn up the heat! This will help your baby to be comfortable and sleepy for the session.

  5. Wear something comfortable and neutral. A lot of moms choose flowy tops that they can move around in easily while feeling comfortable. Since we’ll be in your home, the photos can have a more casual feel (think barefeet!) and it’s best for your clothes to match the setting.

  6. Relax and enjoy this moment! All you have to do is be yourself and I’ll help with directing the session to capture authentic moments that you can treasure forever.

If you are interested in finding out even more about an in-home newborn session, feel free to contact me at littlexlittlephoto@gmail.com.

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LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-33.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-3.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-66.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-37.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-43.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-12.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-146.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-57.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-134.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-73.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-83.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-87.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-83.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-5.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-2.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-59.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-232.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-7.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-198.jpg
LITTLE-X-LITTLE-PHOTOGRAPHY_2019-2-14_Narloch (web)-230.jpg

My New Studio! | Milwaukee Family Photographer



So excited for this!


After several years of only offering on location photo sessions, I now have a studio! I’m so excited to provide this new option to my clients. The timing of this was very intentional, as our Wisconsin fall and winters can be pretty brutal for outdoor photo sessions!

The studio is located in Bay View. It’s a shared studio, meaning I have to reserve my block of time in advance. There are many other creatives and photographers who utilize the same space. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to take advantage of this amazing space!

The studio has an entire north-facing wall of windows, tall white walls, and a concrete floor. I plan to only utilize the natural light in the space (and avoid using artificial light if possible). I’m still staying true to my style of photography (natural light, lifestyle).

Last weekend I had 6 families participate in my holiday mini sessions. I’m so excited with the results! It was a great first run in the new studio and I think all of my clients had a lot of fun playing with fake snow, pinecones, and listening to holiday music.

I do have a few remaining spots for the mini sessions between now and mid-December. If you are interested in booking a holiday studio session, please contact me at littlexlittlephoto@gmail.com