Spring Sunset Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

Spring Sunset Family Photo Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

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This session was a dream. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more beautiful sunset, or a sweeter family to photograph. Outdoor lifestyle sunset family sessions are what give me life as a photographer (without sounding too dramatic, haha). I am so inspired by rich, golden, dramatic light and this session filled me up creatively in so many ways. I compare the feeling to what a child might feel on Christmas morning. It’s the best!!

The session took place at one of my most favorite Milwaukee locations: the St. Francis Seminary in Bay View. I was so pleasantly surprised to see little greenish yellow buds starting to pop out of the tree branches. Hello, color! I’ve missed you for months! In fact, I figured out the last time I did a golden hour sunset like this was back in October. So as you can imagine, I was MORE than ready for a session like this one!

It was so much fun to chase around little O (be sure to look for his baby bow tie - I mean c’mon!!!). Whenever toddlers are involved in a photo session, I fully embrace the fact that they’ll kind of be running the show. As you’ll see in the photographs I’ve included, I captured countless real moments that define who this sweet family is during this season of their life. My favorite photographs are the ones when everyone kind of forgets I’m there and they just start doing their thing. To see what I mean, look for the moment when Emily is sitting under the tree with O (I don’t think there’s anything cuter). It was a joy to document those tiny, precious details for this family!

Thank you Emily, Adam, and O for choosing me to photograph you during this time in your life! Enjoy!

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